Baseball looks for a repeat championship season

By: Ashlyn Norris

With seven returning 2010 All-Conference players, the 2010 IIAC Coach of the Year, and a conference championship to defend, Beaver baseball is destined for a repeat. They have the perfect combination for a winning season.

The Beavers are off to a great start to their season with a non-conference record of 5-1.  However, the team knows that the conference title is not going to be handed to them. They have been working hard, both at the beginning of their 2011 season and also in the off season. The team kept in shape by working out four days a week, weightlifting, and putting in extra time to work on the basics of baseball. Overall, the team has been working on “being a very sound baseball team,” Head Coach, Steve Eddie said.

The game of baseball is not as easy as just learning offense and defense; a great team must also master all of the small components worked within those two central concepts. One deals with physical aspects such as hitting the base, throwing out the runner stealing second, catching that sacrifice fly ball, pitching a no-hitter, and much more.

Then there is the mental aspect of constantly knowing how many outs there are, what the count is, who is on base, which way the wind is blowing and so on. To become a sound team, Beaver baseball is working on all of the little aspects of the game of baseball, while never forgetting to go back to basics.

Any athlete in the world will most likely tell you that practice alone will not win the game, there needs to be a passion and drive that comes from within to succeed.

“As a team [we are] trying to be the best and dominate the other teams we play which drives us to win. If we are able to be the best and dominate each game, we will win each game,” senior captain, Luke Probasco said.

Coach Eddie knows that the men have what it takes mentally to win games. “They are very self motivated, they do like being around each other, and they like the game…They are very driven to be successful, no question about it, and that definitely helps us win games,” Coach Eddie said.

The 2011 BVU baseball knows what it takes, both mentally and physically to win and they are striving for another conference title and they are working hard to achieve their goal and then some. “Our team is going to be fun to watch this season, and I hope a lot of students will be able to get out and support us,” Probasco said.

The baseball team currently sits 5-1 as they venture down to Tuscan, AZ for a spring break tournament. Conference play opens up on March 25, with BVU having a bye the first round. Their first conference match will be against the University of Dubuque on the weekend of April 1.

Luke Probasco throws one right down the middle against Nebraska Weslyan, he struck out eight. He was named IIAC Pitcher of the Week .

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