March Maddness takes over BVU

By: Katie Vondrak

You can feel it in the air, Madness: March Madness that is. Whether you base your “winners” on their records, conferences, the favorites, the underdogs, team colors or how cute their mascot is, every sports fan chooses a winner.

March brings college basketball to center stage. Teams put on their dancing shoes with a hope to reach the sweet sixteen, the elite eight, the final four, and finally the National Championship. While teams are battling on the court, Buena Vista University students are creating strategizing, creating pools, placing bets, and watching in anticipation to see if they are winners.

“I pick my teams based on four categories: what conference they play in, their style of play, what their record is and if they have a proven coach,” sophomore Wesley Nordquist said.

The strategy used in March Madness is based on individual personality, preference, and previous experience. A large part of students’ strategy is research. Nordquist has been watching college basketball games all year long and claims to have already watched half of the 68 teams compete. His adivce to others is to avoid choosing the previous National Champions and always pick a five seed win over a twelve seed.

Students may be avid fans of college basketball and watch consistently through the year or start researching on Selection Sunday. There are numerous websites dedicated to March Madness including, where they show team statistics such as winning percentage, last ten games played, highlights, record, and what conference they participate in. Teams are also picked based upon traditions and personal favorites.

“Duke, Duke, Duke, and I’ll take Duke for my final four teams, with Duke winning,” senior Sam Moser said.

There is no exact strategy to use. Basketball is an unpredictable sport with no known ending, any team can beat any team. So let the Madness begin.

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