Safety in Sports

Crystal Davis | Staff Writer

The health and safety of athletes is, and has been, a concern for many people, from parents to NCAA organizations, for years. Buena Vista University is no exception.  The people in charge of keeping the athletes safe are constantly looking for new techniques to ensure that students are safe in their activities.

This has come to immediate attention of high schools and universities due to the recent incident at a Michigan high school.  Sixteen year old teen, Wes Leonard, suffered from a heart attack 30 seconds after making the game winning shot.  It is thought to have been caused by an enlarged heart. This presents athletes and those concerned with  them, new things to think about.

BVU trainers and athletic administrators take extensive precautions to ensure safety of student-athletes.  First and foremost athletes are required to get a physical every year.  This is to ensure the health of athletes in each successive year.  The physical form BVU athletes must have completed is very extensive.  Every year before the season begins all athletes are required to take a baseline concussion test.  That way if an athlete sustains an injury during the season he or she may retake the test to ensure there is no lasting effect.  Also, before the season, the teams hold discussions with the trainers about proper hydration and nutrition while in training.

The health of student athletes is always the most important thing in college athletics.  There are always trainers on hand ready to respond during practice or during a game.  If there are any serious injuries that require referral, the trainers are prepared to make the calls needed.

There are other preventative measures that are taken by the training staff; including the ankle program and orthopedic screening which is in a way preventative stretching that works on the range of motion.  “We don’t forget about students when the season is over,” Assistant Athletic Trainer, Danelle Smith said.

The health and safety of athletes is a concern for many people.  Research is constantly being conducted to find new ways to ensure the athletes are safe in their activities.  The student-athletes at BVU are exceptionally safe, and the personal who are caring for the students take their jobs seriously.

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