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Katie Vondrak | Sports Co-Editor

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Buenafication Day gives students a chance to give back to the Storm Lake community as well as Buena Vista University’s (BVU) campus. The athletic teams took full advantage of Thursday’s festivities.
Head Wrestling Coach Sevond Cole had his team cleaning out the bed frames from the basement of Pierce. The frames will be donated to the disaster relief efforts for victims of the tornados. This cleaning project is the first of many renovations for Pierce-White Hall.

“We are excited to help jumpstart the revamping of Pierce and White. It is an exciting time of rebuilding here at Buena Vista and we are glad that we could be a part of it,” Cole said.

The women’s basketball team was busy helping out teachers and maintenance at St. Mary’s school. Their responsibilities consisted of cleaning and organizing storage rooms, assisting teachers, and improving the landscape. Coach Berry loves the opportunity to do service as a team and knows her team enjoys hanging out with the kids.

For the second year in a row Head Soccer Coach Marc Baumbach took his team to wash police and fire vehicles at the police station. Coach Baumbach is happy to assist the police and fire departments because it allows them one less burden of spring cleaning. This gives the men and women of the departments some well deserved free time.

“We enjoy it because we are able to help out and were met with such gratitude and appreciation along with encouragement and a really good time,” Baumbach said.

Cleaning is a large part of Buenafication Day services. The tennis, baseball, softball and football teams were out in full cleaning force. Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams were responsible for picking up trash around the premise of Genesis Development. Coach McAdams enjoys the opportunity to give back to others and had his teams working diligently to improve the landscape.

The baseball team worked to enhance their turf field be removing the seeds from the infield and the trash surrounding the complex. The team shares the field with Storm Lake High School and was working hard to ensure it was properly maintained.

The softball team took to the beach at Kings Pointe where they picked up trash along the beach and the park area. The project was a great way to get the beach ready for summer and the tourists that come and stay at Kings Pointe.

The football team reached out past city limits by heading to Newell in an effort to clean up debris from the effects of the tornado.

The volleyball team teamed up with BARC (Beaver Animal & Rescue Care) and also headed to Newell. They visited the Tender Loving Care Canine Shelter where they played with the dogs and cats and assisted in cleaning the facility. Head Coach Heather Noll was excited to create a loving environment for the dogs who have been neglected and abandoned by their previous owners.

“It will be great to give these pets the attention they deserve,” Noll said.
Service projects benefit all parties involved. BVU gives all of its students a great opportunity to reach out and make a small difference for a day. It is great to see the athletic teams embrace their projects and have fun with them.

Through these projects teams are building lasting relationships with key members of the community and the community is receiving free services with immediate satisfaction.

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