Education at an unconventional hour: Colleges now offering midnight classes

Written by Jessica Flores | Staff Writer
It’s midnight, and while you’d love to be all snuggled up under the warm covers that are calling your name by this point, the likelihood of this scenario happening is perhaps every other full moon. Well, okay, maybe not quite that extreme. But for a majority of college students, the midnight hour consists of either socializing with the friends you never have time to see throughout the day, working the second shift you need in order to continue paying for the overwhelming amounts of debt you’ll inevitably find yourself having in a few years (way to be optimistic, huh?), or simply panicking over the vast amount of assignments which will surely consume the last bit of sanity you’d like to believe you have left—due the next day.
So this begs the question: what do you mean colleges are gradually beginning to offer midnight classes for their students? Even more so, what student in his or her right mind would want to have classes at such an unconventional hour? Here’s the answer: it’s a smart alternative. These ‘midnight’ classes are catering to those students who have children and family as a priority, those students who have inflexible work hours, or the insomniacs who need a class to get through the night.
For the most part, this incredulous idea is gradually spreading across community colleges, which are geared towards students with jobs. These campuses are doing everything within their capabilities to encourage student enrollment by adapting to their needs. Of course, you also need a professor who is willing to teach the class. And hopefully, you don’t find yourself sitting in a classroom at a quarter to 1 a.m., with an instructor whose idea of animation makes Ben Stein seem to be the most exciting economics teacher in the world–Ferris Bueller anyone.
A majority of college students are struggling to make ends meet and keep afloat. And while the idea of setting yourself up for such a late night seems unbearable right now, putting all jokes aside, this idea isn’t actually too insane. It may just be the only alternative for some individuals. Of course, there are so many variables that you need to take into account if you choose to register for the late hour: life would become less problematic in some areas, and more so in others, specifically, time-management. When would homework be done? How intense would the side effects be for your health and sleep schedule? This isn’t an opportunity most are likely to jump on without asking these questions plus more. But ultimately, while it would demand quite a lot from the student’s will, this would result in a big stressor marked off the list.
If BV offered midnight classes, would you consider taking one?

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