Cable included in tuition: A toxic roll up!

Written by Grace E. Bodey | Copy Editor

I am not going to include any numbers, statistics, interviews, or quotations in this article because I am going to state my opinion in a blatant and general manner. I believe it is categorically preposterous to roll the cost of cable into the cost of tuition for next academic year.

I did not attend the community meeting at which President Moore announced the implementation of a package deal: laundry, cable, and tuition all in one lump sum. However, I read about it in several different places and familiarized myself with the details. Therefore, I will beg the question that has graced the lips of many other mouths on campus: if I don’t have a television, why on God’s green earth should I have to pay for cable?

This is where people get sneaky. They think they are all chill and intelligent. They decide to split cable with a buddy and get it cheaper, outsmarting the system like a bunch of monkeys. Newsflash: the university knows that there’s a juicy chunk of people who don’t pay what they should for cable. Despite popular (arrogant) opinion, the overseers of university operations are not
idiots. They know how to do basic math. When the money coming in doesn’t match the number of people watching Jersey Shore, little red flags go up everywhere. That’s when things get ruined for the entire student population.

Next year, I will have to pay for a service that I absolutely have no intention of using. I do not own a television. I do not plan on purchasing a television in the next year. And yet I will be paying in for cable. I understand it is a precautionary measure. The new services roll-up allows those in charge of monitoring said functions to not have to do quite as much work.

It definitely will streamline the payment process and make it equal for all on-campus residents. However, I wouldn’t ask you to pay a dentist bill if you never visited the dentist. I also wouldn’t ask you to pay for football season tickets that you weren’t ever going to use. Why, then, should I have to pay for a service that is not applicable to me whatsoever?

I wholeheartedly feel that this “new deal” should be scrutinized and reevaluated before next year’s release of tuition increases because I will be thoroughly appalled if I must keep paying for frivolous items I don’t require or utilize.

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