Tribute to Buena Vista’s President

By Emily Erickson | Contributing Writer

What’s one great thing about Buena Vista University (BVU) that you don’t get at a lot of colleges? You may say the small class sizes, the personal relationships that are built with professors, or the great social life on campus between all of the students. I would personally list all these things if someone asked me that very question; but one more answer I would give is the fact we have one awesome and charismatic President, Fred Moore.

Every college has to have a president. That does not mean every college has to have a great one though. BVU is one very lucky university. I think everyone can agree that President Moore is straight-up one pretty cool guy. He is hilarious, cares about us, and wants us all to succeed. He is an all-around nice guy and has two of the best dogs ever.

I work in the President’s Office on campus and see him numerous times a week. He always stops to say “hi” and always asks how I am. Often he will pass by and say “Jello” or “Gooood morning, Vietnam!” – you cannot tell me you would not laugh at that. I also see him out at Regatta Grille, where I work, with his wife Susan. It is always great talking to them both. They are always asking how classes are going, how I am feeling, and they just want to make sure everything is going outstanding! I will see him walking through campus, and he stops by students and staff and says “hi” to them as well.

President Moore cares so much about the students and you do not even have to know him to see it. He is always around for student activities and functions. He follows our sports teams and wants us all to do great academically. He cares about the respectfulness the students show towards the community as well as the amount of positive recognition that our school gets from the community.

I really think we are one lucky school to have such an awesome president. The personal relationships that are built between students and faculty/staff is phenomenal. The fact we are able to get to know so many excellent people that work at the university and want us to succeed is unbelievable. Yes, there are other universities out there who have great faculty and staff, but honestly, I don’t know a school out there that could pass BVU on a scale, especially having a great president who cares so much about the students. President Moore, you are amazing. I feel so lucky, as well as all of the students attending BVU, to have you as our president. We want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to BVU. It means a lot to us, and we couldn’t have a better president!

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