The Tack ONLINE, University Cable Network (UCN), KBVU and Capture It! teamed up to document Buenafication Day 2014 in photos, sound, video, tweets, and more. 

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For the 101st Buenafication Day, campus community members bundled up, waterproofed and rallied together to take part in more than 50 different service activities throughout the day. From "buenafying" at Storm Lake nonprofits like Santa's Castle to packaging food for local food pantries, BVU students, faculty and staff ignored cold temperatures and embraced the service spirit of this long-standing BVU tradition.
Want to experience the day like you were there? We sent out  a team of reporters with a GoPro camera to capture a first-person view of Buenafication Day. Check out 'Service On the Go'!  
 Service on the Go!
Buenafication Day 2014 started with a bang, literally. Student Senators smacked pots and yelled their way through student dorms, waking everyone for the day of service. In case you woke up early or somehow slept through it, you can hear their morning wake up call by clicking this audio story.   >>>>>>  
After everyone was awake, the opening ceremonies began and motivated everyone to have fun with service! There were service competitions, a beaver train, and President Moore took the best selfie ever taken at BVU. 
Students lend helping hands
Click through the slideshow to see BVU students, faculty and staff in action at 50+ service activities that took place during Buenafication Day. 
The first official Buenafication Day 5K Fun Walk/Run was a colorful one. Color Strides was sponsored by BVU Rec Services. All proceeds were donated to benefit Storm Lake youth recreation programs.
B-Day in Tweets 
 Service is at the heart of Buenafication Day.
"Buenafication Day gives you a chance to interact with your friends. It's personally fulfilling and it fills needs of our community." 
According to students, Buenafication Day is important, not only because it's tradition, but also because it's centered around service. Listen to them reflect on what Buenafication Day and service mean to them.